About Us

Martins Food Technology is established in Naples, Florida and operates as a unique organic food producer. The Company combines greenhouse and outdoor farming operations which is led by an experienced team of professionals working with the highest food production technologies, making sure our customers are receiving healthy produce at their table.
Our Company

Martins Food Technology was created out of passion to build a better world by providing people with healthy local produce in a sustainable way. This passion combined with state of the art technology and best practices has given us the ability to provide the market with an excellent source of fresh organic products.


Our mission is to produce the best quality product possible while prioritizing safety, quality, and environmental impact.

Environment & Sustainability

With hydroponic systems to minimize overall water consumption, pest management systems and biosecurity, we drastically improved our operation sustainability. Martins Food Technology also recycles all organic matter coming out of production to be reintegrated as nutrient source.


We mix hydroponic technology and pest management systems to achieve optimum nutrition and eliminate use of synthetic substances.